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If there are any questions we were unable to answer in any regard please contact us directly, we are always happy to help and fit your needs.

What is the cost of service

We charge $1.19 per-pound for general wash and fold service.

Dry cleaning and large items are priced per item.

Is there a delivery charge?

No, absolutely not. We provide free pick up and delivery for all items.

Is there a minimum order.

Our minimum order amount is $25. This does not mean you can not place a smaller order, but for cost reasons, you will still be charged the minimum amount.

Which credit cards do you accept?

All major credit cards. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express.

Do i have to be home for pick up or delivery.

No, you can leave your items right outside your door, or anywhere you prefer and we will pick them up and drop them off safe and sound.

Do you offer same-day service.

Yes, there is a $10 fee to provide this service and items must be able to be picked up within the first 2 ordering windows.

Do i have to sort my items?

Of course not, thats what we are here for. We will sort all darks from lights and white and care for them accordingly. We only ask you separate any items which require special attention and extra care. Dry cleaning must also be kept separate from your general laundry.

Do we offer tailoring?

We do offer tailoring in the sense of repairs of rips, buttons and split seams but do not do so for hemming. This should be professionally done on site to ensure accuracy and fit.

Is it possible to fold my clothes a specific way, and even separate them specifically?

Yes, this is not considered a special request. we encourage you to personalize your order as much as you would like and we always try to separate your items person to person within your household.

Im a student, how do I sign up?

For our weekly service give us a call and we'll put you on a recurring schedule of your convenience. Otherwise, simply click "Get Started" but be sure to take advantage of our student promotions!

I would like some of my clothes placed on hangers but i don't have anywhere for the driver to hang them.

If there is no hook available or anywhere specified in your instructions we will provide a hook for you free of charge.

I would like my laundry done in a specific way, is that possible?

Yes, with every order you are able to specify any instructions for your order. From how you would like them washed, dried or folded to any pick up or delivery preference.

How will I know when my driver will arrive?

You will receive an alert through text or email when our driver is en route. This preference is chosen when creating your account. You will also get an alert when your garment(s) have been successfully picked-up or delivered.

Do you treat stains?

Yes, just let us know which garment(s) you would like treated in the order instructions and we will take care of the rest.