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Student Laundry

Free time is becoming almost impossible to come by, especially during college.

Student Pricing and Process
On Demand orders only 1.19 LB. !! Just click Get Started.
• For semester service call to sign up.

Semester Plans

  • Easy Load Plan- 20 Lbs. per week for 15 weeks: $329 (Pro-rated prices automatically apply)

  • Active Load Plan- 25 Lbs. per week for 15 weeks: $399 (Pro-rated prices automatically apply)

(If your order weight goes over don't worry, we only charge $1.25 per pound over, no fees or penalties)

How It Works

Life is already complicated enough, so our ordering process was made as easy and convenient as possible. You can follow a few simple steps in setting up an account within the site by clicking "Get Started" or giving us a call and we'll be happy to do it for you. If you would like to sign up for our semester service please give us a call upon completing your account setup and we'll put your service on a reoccurring schedule. This must be done manually on our end.

When placing an order just pick any day that works best for you, and one of our four convenient time windows. Then choose your favorite soap and softener and let us know any special instructions or preferences in the text box. Anything from water temperature to stain treatment or specific garments to place on hangers or process differently. We accommodate every request and special instruction to the absolute best of our ability.

When en route to your location you will receive an alert by email, text or both if you choose when creating your account. You can then track our exact location in real time. We will then text or call you upon arrival to receive your order. We can meet you outside your dorm or at another on or off campus location.

We then process your order according to your exact preferences you chose or listed. We then deliver your items within 24 hours. hours or during any of the other time windows beyond that if more suitable for your schedule. You will receive the same notifications when en route and upon arrival as when picking up.

That is it!! Easy, simple and super convenient.