We understand the most valuable thing in life is time.

How It Works

Just visit our website from your computer, mobile device or tablet. Add your items into your cart and select a pick up and delivery time that perfectly fits your schedule. When your finished you will receive a confirmation email, and thats that. You will then receive an email or text when we are approximately 30 minutes or less from your location.

Upon arrival at Laundry Room's facility, your items are washed exactly how you want, with your choice of soaps, softeners, water temperature and drying process. When our high quality cleansing process is completed, your clothes will be perfectly folded and packaged into your laundry room bag for delivery. You will then receive a similar text message notifying you approximately 30 minutes prior to our arrival.

At arrival back at your home or place of business, you will receive your laundry neat, clean and smelling fantastic ready to return to their familiar place.

  • Saves time and money.
  • Personalization, from exactly when and where you would like your things picked up dropped off to choice in soaps and softeners from your favorite smelling, feeling and sensitive skin needs
  • 24-hour turnaround.
  • Track your order to know the exact moment your items will be picked up and delivered.
  • Fast and easy ordering.
  • Unmatched washing process to ensure the best results and preserve your fabrics better and longer.

Our Process

The Laundry Room facility is equipped with the absolute best state of the art machinery in the world. We also use a cleansing process that is almost unheard of in our industry. From our extensive prewash, to our deep cleanse and multiple cycling we prove our quality, value and customer experience is the best. Our highly trained and experienced specialists go to all lengths for the care of your garments. They follow all of your personalized instructions to provide every piece of fabric with the delicate handling to preserve the quality of your items.

We understand the most valuable thing in life is time.

The days are as busy as ever, and we developed our service to take away the worry, hassle and commitment of laundry. This gives you back an immeasurable amount of time to spend with your family, accomplish your goals or just relax and finally enjoy your downtime.

Laundry room provides the most professional, fastest, most convenient laundry and dry cleaning service available at the highest possible quality.


How It Works

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